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Legend 750

Planetary floor grinding machine with variable speed and adjustable working pressure




The Legend 750 is a versatile and extraordinary machine for grinding and polishing all types of surfaces such as GRANITE, MARBLE, TERRAZZO and CONCRETE.

With a 15 or 20 hp motor and a Planetary system that’s gear driven and not belt drive, cuts, grinds and polishes anywhere between 300 – 1300 rpm with a cutting surface of 30.4”.

A quick attack tool system enables you to change tools quickly to complete your project in a timely fashion.

Technical Data

Model Legend 750 15HP Legend 750 20HP
Motor 15 HP 20 HP
Drive Inverter 15 kW 15 kW
Volt 380-480 380-480
Hertz 50/60 50/60
Amp 25 25
Speed Tools 300-1300 rpm 300-1300 rpm
Working Width 750mm 750mm
Tools Size 3x240mm 3x240mm
Water Tank 46 lt 46 lt
Dimension LxAxP cm 145x145x80 145x145x80
Weight 350 Kg 360 Kg
Floor System Square Meters per hour*
Superconcrete 7 step 25-30m2/h
Concrete Grinding 1 step 100-130m2/h
Terrazzo Polishing 5 step 30-40m2/h
Resin Removing 1 step 100-150m2/h
Varnish Removing 1 step 100-150m2/h
Marble Polishing 5 step 20-30m2/h
Granite Polishing 7 step 9-12m2/h

*Production numbers may vary according to surface conditions, diamonds used, equipment operator, etc.

Data For Shipping

Weight 394-457 kg
Dimensions 150 × 145 × 85 cm
Volume Packaging

1,80 m3


Motor Engine Motors from 4 to 25 hp even in UL version. High performance.
Planetario HEAD Planetario HEAD that is 100% tempered metal and geared driven not belt. The main disc and the satellites always run, allowing the machine to work very hard with high performance. The working pressure of the Planetario can be adjusted giving pressure on the front or on the backside. Giving more pressure in front the machine cuts faster and deeper. NO BELTS to break! Check what kind of Planetario they are using. The Planetario with BELT DRIVE doesn’t have the same performance of metal geared. Furthermore it is subjected to break during the work and needs a lot of time to repair. Attention: in many machines the main disc and the satellite don’t run together: if you block one satellite (one tools disc by hand) the main disc still runs. It means that using the machine for heavy duty work the machine doesn’t have performance at all. For many machines it is not possible to be used inclined the Planetario and as result can work only in one position. Therefore cannot cut fast and deep resulting in very poor performance.
Adjustable working head pressure The pressure is adjusted by “ELECTRONIC DEVICE”. Many machines do not have an ELECTRONIC DEVICE but have to adjust the pressure adding weight manually.
Effective weight distribution Samich design the motor directly over the top of the planetario with three well balanced heads for perfect balance and highest grinding pressure available.
Steel Priority Steel frame painted with metallic varnish. Aluminium carter covering the Planetario. The metal covering protects the diamond tools and allows it to work very close to the wall. Many competitors machines have Plastic coverings. It breaks very easily, it doesn’t protect the diamond tools and doesn’t allow you to work close to the wall.
Inverter with Display for fast diagnostics On the PANEL without opening the Inverter door it is possible to read the display to know what is happening with the machine. Check if this device is on the competitors machine.
Third front wheel Third front wheel that offers the following advantages:

  • It makes for easy transportation.
  • It allows to regulate the working pressure.
  • It allows to inclination on the Planetario head.
  • It is very useful when working on very uneven floors.

Check if the competitors machine has the third front wheel.

Rigid head for flat floor The planetario does not focus weight and pressure of the heads on the chassis to create a ‘floating head’, instead is a rigid system with very little flex (this design means the machine will ‘bounce’ a little over the floor until it is flat). ensures flattest floor possible and doesn’t make the floor ‘wavy’.
High tank capacity The tank is very important for working wet. When working dry the diamond doesn’t grip and skates on the surface of the concrete. It is also important for polishing marble, terrazzo and granite. Many competitor machines don’t have a tank. Check and see if it has a water tank.
Working Section BK430: Working section 430mm with 3 tools diameter 100mm. BK Attack system.

  • BK450: Working section 450mm with 3 tools diameter 140mm. BK Attack system.
  • BK500: Working section 500mm with 3 tools diameter 200mm. Quick Attack system.
  • Challenger 600: Working section 600mm with 3 tools diameter 240mm. Quick Attack system.
  • Challenger 800: Working section 800mm with 4 tools diameter 240mm. Quick Attack system.
  • BK650: Working section 650mm with 3 tools diameter 240mm. Quick Attack system.
  • BK750: Working section 750mm with 3 tools diameter 240mm. Quick Attack system.
  • BK850: Working section 850mm with 3 tools diameter 240mm. Quick Attack system.
  • BK950: Working section 950mm with 3 tools diameter 340mm. Quick Attack system.

Check the size of the tools. Many machine has the same working area but the tools are smaller. Smaller are the tools, less will be the performance.

Selector to block the door of the inverter This device avoids the door from being opened before “switching off” the “electric power”.
Strong Antishock System To avoid damage and injury while working in dangerous conditions.
Variable speed head that adjusts Variable speed head that adjusts.
Dust control Optimized Vacuum ports for working dry and Free of Dust. Check if they have it.
Splash Guard Strong Perimetral neoprene splash guard. Check if they have.
Remote Control If the machine is equipped with remote control please check the following points:

  1. It must be “active system” and not passive system. After an emergency if we push the START BOTTOM the machine does not start the operator has to follow the instructions.
  2. If the operator leaves the REMOTE CONTROL the machine stops working avoiding any injuries.
  3. Continue Control System.

It means:

  • A intelligent Remote Control device allowed to check the presence of the operator according the safety rules
  • If the operator leaves the device, the remote control stops the machine immediately.
  • If the operator leaves the device it cannot be used from any other unauthorized operator to avoid any injuries.
  • DEAD MAN SWITCH: all automatic movements are under control by “dead man safety device “in order to work free but in total safety.
Safety Rules satisfy what the SAFETY RULES (Art EN 60204-1 requires).
Handle Adjustable position of the handle for a comfortable working position. It also can be reversed to allow the operator to drive the machine from front side and not only from the rear. Many machines cannot be used standing in the front but can be handled only from the rear.
Safety device dedicate to monitor the emergency circuit This device  automatically shuts off the machine if some electric problem happens avoiding any injuries. Samich uses the right and approved electrical components including oversized wire.
Special safety emergency button (Not a normal emergency button like on smaller machines). When this special emergency button is pushed the motor is immediately turned off and all the “moving parts “ (like tools) are immediately stopped avoiding any injuries.
Re-start safety system The new start ( re-start ) after any stop cannot happen casually. Any start has to be active not passive. It means for example that if any one accidentally connects the electrical power, the machine doesn’t start again. To start again the operator has to follow all instructions correctly.
Easy maintenance Simply clean and grease machine. Less maintenance required thanks to oversize burning and tempered steel gears.
No Belt! Gears mean lower operating costs than competitors (belt changes are very expensive). Belts do not transfer torque as effectively as gears. Gears offers higher grinding torque.
Quick Attack of tools Samick machines allow it to work in domestic situation; tank motor and head are very compact and close together for work in small corridors.


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floor grinding machine mini 01 BT: to remove any kind of resin and glue coating. With Samich machines removing coating is very easy! Diamond tools with round segments designed for effective grinding and removing resin, glue and varnish. Also suitable for concrete ginding …
floor grinding machine mini 02 PCD SKRAPER: To remove thick rubbery material and coating on floor.
PCD SKRAPER: To remove thick rubbery material and coating on floor.
TCD BT Arrow: Thin resin/paint removal on hard concrete …
floor grinding machine mini 03 DT: Diamond tool for medium/hard concrete. Do not use on abrasive floors.
DD: Diamond tool for hard concrete. Do not use on abrasive floors …
floor grinding machine mini 04 DA: Diamond tools for medium abrasive concrete
CA: Diamond tools for abrasive concrete.
CF: Diamond tools for asphalt and very abrasive concrete …
floor grinding machine mini 05 BUSH HAMMER: to make safety anti-slip surfaces on marble, granite and natural stones; to remove glue, varnish and resin coating; to break-down thick coating difficult to remove with normal diamond tools; to create “face-see effect “on precast panels”; to scarify any kind of surface; to create orange-peel skin on any surface; for floor preparation before laying any kind of floor (resin, gres, marble, wood & hardwood floors, etc) …
floor grinding machine mini 06 EASY KIT for Polished Concrete: the complete kit includes: Duty wooden trolley box; CS series diamond tools; CK series diamond tools …
floor grinding machine mini 07 Polished concrete Chemicals & Products: to improve the hardness and quality of new and old concrete floors; Penetrating stain repellent for polished concrete; Brighter and water-repellent; For protecting and maintenance of polished concrete; to repair damaged concrete surfaces, to fill up big holes and craks even deep …
floor grinding machine mini 08 EASY KIT for Marbles: the complete kit includes: Duty wooden trolley box; MS series diamond tools; MK series diamond tools; KP92 cream polish and Hand pads …
floor grinding machine mini 10 Marble Chemicals & Products: Daily cleaner and sealer soap; Crystallizator liquid for marble; Polishing powders for any kind of marble floors …
floor grinding machine mini 11 EASY KIT for Terrazzo: the complete kit includes: Duty wooden trolley box; MTS series diamond tools; CK series diamond tools; S40 polish and Hand pads …
floor grinding machine mini 12 Terrazzo Chemicals & Products: to improve the hardness and quality of new and old concrete floors; Polishing powders; Crystallizator liquid for terrazzo; silicon-based stone polish to improve the shine on terrazzo …
floor grinding machine mini 13 EASY KIT for Granite / Gres: the complete kit includes: Duty wooden trolley box; GS series diamond tools; GK series diamond tools; polishing powders and Hand pads …
floor grinding machine mini 14 Granite Chemicals & Products: cream specifically made for polishing granite and gres; to mantain the brightness and improve the resistance to high traffic; Polishing powders for any kind of granite floors …
floor grinding machine mini 15 Antique flooring: to produce an antique look on marble floors in a natural and strictly mechanical way without using any chemical products …