Dustnator 90

Dustnator 90


AIR FLOW max m3/min

Dustnator 90 is the ideal machine for the general contractor or floor specialist as it is designed to extract dust such as: cement, sawdust, dust, plaster, flour and materials from the ceramic industry and dusts produced by sanders, grinders and drills.

Available both in ASC version “Automatic Self Cleaning Filter” and in SC version “Self Cleaning Filter”. Thanks to ASC and SC patent it allows you to work continuously without having to stop to dismantle and clean the filters.
Main features:

  • ASC or SC system: Automatic and/or Self Cleaning Filter.
  • 3 cartridge filters.
  • Collection stem easily removable.
  • Possibility to insert a normal plastic bag (optional).
  • Secondary filter to protect the engine in case of accidental passage of dust through the main filters.
  • Available with mono phase or 3-phase engines.
  • Hepa filter.

Technical Data

Model 90 SC 90 ASC 90 T4 SC 90 T4 ASC
Motor 2.2 kW 2.2 kW 4 kW 4 kW
Depression Max mm H20 2300 2300 2750 2750
Volt 220 220 380-480 380-480
Hertz 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60
Ampere 16 16
Filter Surface cm2 32000 32000 32000 32000
Air Flow Max m3/h 350 350 362 362
Tank Capacity 67 lt 67 lt 67 lt 67 lt
Dimension LxAxP cm 88x163x65 88x163x65 88x163x65 88x163x65
Weight 130 Kg 130 Kg 130 Kg 130 Kg

Data For Shipping

Weight 146 kg
Dimensions 100 × 80 × 185 cm
Volume Packaging

1,50 m3

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners. Automatic self-cleaning filters

_0107_Sistema AspirazioneFloor Grinder


Samich has developed the new line of DUSTNATOR dust collectors, specially designed to handle huge quantity of dust powders without any interruption for the filter blinding. Thanks to the ASC PATENT ( Automatic Self Cleaning Filters) the new vacuums allow operators to continuously vacuum also the finest powder without filter troubles. The new dust collectors DUSTNATOR series ASC are the only vacuums in the world that, thanks to a “timer connected to the VIBRATION and CONTRA BLOWING patented system ” clean the filter at a definite time, automatically, allowing you to work continuously without stopping. In the series SC (Self Cleaning Filter) operating by a simple Leger it is possible to automatically clean the filters without removing them.
Main features:

  • Patented system to shake and blow the filter at the same time.
  • Continuous cleaning: vacuum is always working even during filter cleaning.
  • Electronic Timer (for ASC models) to control the self cleaning: cleaning cycles can be modified according to the job and to the vacuum dust.
  • Big filter surface thanks to the big cartridge filters.
  • Easy removal of the collection tank with the chance (optional) to use normal plastic bags.
  • Longo-Pac System (standard on series BAG LINE )
  • Robust and long lasting aluminium coated cartridge filters, so that the dust doesn’t adhere but slips away.
  • Anti-static filters to avoid electrostatic shocks (optional).
  • Height-reducing telescopic frame which makes transportation much easier even in normal Vans (models 100, 200, 250)._0106_Sistema_PuliziaFloor Grinder


How the systems works: The device consists of three filters in cartridge. During vacuum (fig.1), air passes through the filters to the outside. During automatic self-filter cleaning (fg2): At certain intervals (governed by a timer) the machine automatically cleans the filters one at a time. During this phase the intake air is sent inside the filter producing at the same time two effects:

  • It starts an eccentric device that will produce a strong vibration effect of the filter.
  • Simultaneously it blows the air out off the filter granting a perfect cleaning.

During this phase of cleaning a filter the others two filters still work without stopping to vacuum dust.




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